Environmental education and good relations with the Amazon community are priorities for Alcoa Juruti

Actions bring messages of citizenship, sustainability, and safety to the entire county

Marina Pereira

Fernanda Arruda


“Espia o Trem” promotes safety actions in Juruti (Photo Alcoa)

Citizenship, sustainability, and safety are founding elements of Alcoa's culture and core strategy as a mining and ore company in the Amazon. Among the actions carried out in Juruti county, a city located in western Pará, the mining company invests in programs aimed at preserving the environment, the health & safety of the workers, and the surrounding community, in addition to good coexistence with mine operations.

Aiming to raise everyone's awareness on maintaining the mine's railroad traffic safety, in 2009 the Alcoa Foundation created the Espia o Trem (Look the train) program, naming it after this expression that became popular among residents due to the coming and going of the wagons, and which aims at harmonious coexistence between the activities of the railroad and of the region’s residents. Between June and December 2022, Espia o Trem reached 125 families in 22 communities and 5 settlements.

The program’s activities take place culturally and educationally, using theatrical interactions, storytelling sessions, and film screenings. All of this is to ensure there is a safe coexistence of all populations that relate to the railroad with it. The message is also taken to teachers and students in schools and associations in the county, guiding communities on preventive care that should be adopted by those who live close to the railroad.

Looking at the rivers’ standpoint, the mining company created the Vou Passando Pelo Rio (I’m passing through the river) program, which speaks to the riverside residents of the county about the necessary precautions regarding the safety of small boats that travel along the river in areas close to the Alcoa port pier. The actions include educational blitzes, lectures, and the distribution of guidance materials for the region’s residents. In 2022, approximately 11 communities in the direct influence area received the program's activities. 

Another subject cherished by Alcoa is the Amazonian fauna. The Animais Eu Protejo (Animals I Protect) project helped over 300 animals that were taken care of and returned to nature. The campaign’s goal is to prevent incidents with animals and provide veterinary assistance to those who are endangered or injured. After being rescued, they are taken to the Centro de Reabilitação de Animais Silvestres – CRAS (Wildlife Rehabilitation Center), which has a set structure at the Alcoa mine, with professionals and equipment available 24 hours a day.

We visited several communities: around the railroad, in the influence area of the port pier, in the floodplains, and on dry land. We contemplated a comprehensive amount of people, whether in urban or rural areas, and this was a rewarding work, which we intend to expand in 2023”, explains Sabrina Batista, Environmental educator at Alcoa's Department of Biodiversity.

The donation of plant seedlings, led by Alcoa employees, involves many people, since the preparation of ornamental, fruitful, and forestry seedlings. Communities, county organizations, and local institutions are mobilized in the distributions, which, this year, resulted in the donation of more than 28 thousand of them throughout the county.