About us

The Amazon, by the Amazon people

Based in Belém, in the state of Pará, the Liberal Group has produced professional journalism in the Brazilian Amazon for over 75 years. The plurality of ideas and ample space for debate are part of its values. It has always discussed the challenges and solutions of the Amazon region in its daily news. Now, the Liberal Amazon project, renewed for the second year, deepens and expands the journalistic coverage of facts, promoting even greater visibility to reflections from different points of view of people who know, study, research and live the Amazon.

The concept of a bilingual project, integrated to the multimedia content in English and Portuguese, promotes greater awareness about the most popular and disputed agenda in the world concerning nature and ecology, however, the Amazon region is still not fully explored in all its completeness, diversity and scenarios.

The entire project was designed to be adapted to the current communication model, on multiplatform, and focused on publishing, broadcasting and distributing content in the printed version of O Liberal newspaper, as well as on digital platform, on social network, providing journalistic papers, image gallery with photos and videos, weekly podcasts and other formats and possibilities.

In this space and branches, Liberal Amazon project will always portray “the Amazons in the Amazon”, all about its culture, gastronomy, economy, infrastructure, biodiversity, science and research, and the social challenges faced by the residents, who coexist with a constant paradox: living in a land of recognized natural wealth, and the dilemmas of social challenges as large as its geographical dimensions.

Here, different voices from the Amazon will be united, fostering the important insertion of the Amazon in the agenda of debates, a fundamental aspect for the sustainable development of the region and its people.